Friday, February 3, 2012


When I speak of these tendencies I'm not necessarily referring to personality or attitude, but moreso  someone's preferences or choices. 
Peoples obsessions don't tend to be something they actually identify as their obsession; the act or process is just second nature and happens without second thought.
As  a human with access to tecnological advancements, I take full advantage and tend to have my favorites...
DANCE MOMS. This show is absolutely saturated with ridiculousness, but it's SO ADDICTIVE. These mothers are ridiculous, but Abby Lee (ahem that woman so proudly standing above all crisscrossed and such) produces their little girls to be some of the most talented little dancers you could ever imagine. That is basically what this show revolves around: a group of 6-14 year old girls from Abby Lee dance studio on her competition team going to various competitions and kicking some serious dancer butt placing in 1st and 2nd in solos and group dances. Being a dancer, I really appreciate the choreography, content, and the performance aspects, even though we don't get to see the whole routines via Dance Moms but on you tube, due to copyrights. 
If you enjoy crazy mama drama mixed with hardcore talent you'll love Dance Moms.
If you don't take my word for it, check out "MyDamnChannel" aka Daily Grace.
Other shows I have or still am addicted to: How I Met Your Mother, The Vampire Diaries (I dislike Twilight, but I love this show), Law & Order: SVU, So You Think You Can Dance, Say Yes to the Dress....

PINTEREST. Holy time consumer  alert.
To me, this is a never ending cycle. I'll get on my computer trying to start my motivations to get my homework done early and such, and in the midst I'll try to recall what I need to complete, but in my hard thinking I automatically pull up pinterest and slowly but surely start my 'pinning' and 'repinning.'
This tend to consume my life for a few hours.
To those you know my struggle and tend to do that themselves: Thanks for understanding. To those who have yet to discover the world of Pinterest: your mind will be blown.
You can have virtual cork boards of whatever you want. As far as I know you can have as many as your creative little tush wants!

Here is a link to my pinterest. Enjoy kiddies. I love it so much. Too much. Obsession.

My boards are usually craft, dance, cosmetics, decor, wedding, fashion oriented, but I enjoy a lot of the art and such you can display.
As an artist and appreciator of what I arts I am not able to do, it is a VERY inspiring sight to just get over that bump or writers cramp or whatever creative endeavor you are stuck on.

As I have blogged before I have a sparrow on my back shoulder so clearly this love of birds is genuine.
I have always been inspired by the really antique vintage things and among those: BIRDS.
when I was researching my tattoo I came across lots of gorgeous pictures and drawings that I enjoy.
I always view birds as a sign of hope, or messengers, that spring is hear, that they're looking for a loved one by giving what they can in a song :) cheesy.

If I was a rich girl....I would buy out this store every season.
There clothing is a little bit pricy for a starving artist slash college student, but it matches and grows my style so greatly.
Because of my love I tend to shop the sale until something I fell in love with has been lowered in price or I find someone of my own knock off (go to vintage/antique/thrift stores knowing what to look for and remaking it.)
I do this with TOPSHOP ( )which is WAY expensive, but I will admit I have splurged for it and ASOS (



Those are just a few of my favorite obsessions of mine. Hope you enjoyed!
In the words of Tigger: TTFN (Tah Tah for now)
try not to go "awe" at this.


  1. i can't watch dance moms just because i know it would make me mad. and that tattoo of the black birds flying is in my archives as the tattoo i want. five on my back shoulder! love it!

  2. haha It is quite frustrating but SO addictive so use caution :). and I fully support that tattoo, it's gorgeous and I love birds :).

  3. so many cute stuff! I like vintage birds too, they just look so charmingly cute! And yes Pinterest is super addictive, if my right hand is pinning, I have to use my left hand to grab my right hand to stop, haha... kidding but it can be quite bad


    1. I always feel a little ashamed when other students have their computers out working "really hard" and I'm sitting there on my laptop pinning :)
      I'm learning to accept it!