Thursday, May 24, 2012

This is my best friend.

Im gonna miss her the most, Krin<3


End of the year shenanigans!
I have just completely my last final at my University. Its a very bittersweet moment.
I am not looking forward to leaving the beautiful twin cities that I fall more in love with everyday.
ALSO. I will beginning a long distance relationship. EEP.
We will get through it, I mean it is only about 3 months, but it still sucks butt to only see someone you really care about slash very much like, every two weeks.
Not that its impossible or EXTREMELY difficult, but it just is just not ideal.
I have been in long distant relationship, I hated it, but this is worth it. Cause I like him. Lots.
We shall make it work :)
Little things that I am thankful this morn:
(other then being completely finished with finals...)
--being inside when the rain is pouring down.
feeling all cozy like...
--starting my job at the floral shop again, and these beautiful weddings in combination with wonderful flowers and lovvvveeeeeee.
--babies! My sister AND my sister-in-law had their babies with in two days of eachother! and as the aunt, I am the designanted baby-sitter. aawwwww ya!
This is my sister Allie and my brother-in-law's new little buddle Lark Lillian.
They have named her as their blessing, "Why would you worry when the Lord is comforting you. He clothes the lillies of the field and the larks of the air? Why would he not do more for you whom he loves"
And this is my brother and sister-in Law's babe Ryer Timothy. He is the fifth child of theirs. Cute as ever.
 and MY baby Ella Fitzgerald. I have missed her, probably the most. (Dont tell mama Lori) There is just no stronger comfort than my puppy dog. I love her. Lots. So maybe she can fill the void of my mister when he isn't around to cuddle with. Except I'll have to be the big spoon...
These are somethings that need to keep me hopeful about the summer. Even though it will totally fly by I do not want to wish it away.
I will most def keep up with my blog this summersss, because I have NOTHING to do ;) (that's a lie, I got lots, but blogging will keep me sane(er).
drink coffee. lots of coffees.