Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No one likes a stick in the mud, or mud for that matter.

Don't you hate it when you are all prepped for the morning, readying for anything feeling hot, and there's one thing or some one that just shuts you down.One of your pet peeves just hits you head on saying: "Uh no! You can't be happy in  the morning."
It may look like this:
bumper to bumper traffic stopping and speeding and braking and bleck! This is the worst when you're less than I mile from your exit and it takes 30 minutes to get there...I'm not bitter but...
OR the fact that some people attract slow cars, I fear that my mother has passed this curse down to me. In my home town of little Pella, Iowa we would always be caught behind an old fart driver who could of possibly been my grandma or grandpa or ex boyfriend (AWKWARD) anyways: traffic and interactions with other cars slash vehicles can be bad for me in the morning.

Another thing is when I don't get THIS in my system!
nuff said.

OR when THIS happens:

This happens too much. In spite, I eat my cereal anyways.
HA funny story: I was at my brother's house and I wanted trix cereal SO I did just this, BUT instead of just eating it plain, I may or may not have had my first experience with eggnog. DON'T TRY IT. Trix with eggnog, not okay, not even edible, but yes I ate it, all of it.

Snooty pooty girls in the morning. When I think I look good, feeling fine you know put together until you see this girl who looks TOTALLY effortlessly gorgeous, meh..."Oh yes I wake up and look this beautiful, no big deal, you should probably feel bad." Don't worry, I do meany pants. Even moreso I am bothered by those guys, you know THOSE guys who decide to give them the attention that they are so easy getting. But thats just one of those morning things...

I thought I should add something a little more light-hearted and well less muddy. I want to post some of my dance photos. For me I love looking at other dancer's photography and the beauty of the human body and the art of it all.

these photos are from my dance team recital last year. So they're pretty old, but this is one of my loves and it definitely makes up for a bad morning if I get to dance my heart out.


  1. I love this post!


  2. I love the dance drill pictures, I always wanted to dance but never had the time. I also love the eggnog tip :) Haha.